*PosESioN* 2 New Zodiac Sets (Unisex all zodiac poses)

Acuario Vendor Piscis Vendor

*PosESioN* Acuario Set (10 Poses)

*PosESioN* Piscis Set (10 Poses)

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Acuario Vendor Aries Vendor Cancer Vendor Geminis Vendor Leo Vendor Piscis Vendor Sagitario Vendor Scorpio Vendor Tauro Vendor Virgo Vendor

News at MWFW!!!

Gachas Carnival: Wicca Set

Wicca Set AD

I made for this event a new special jewelry inspired in my sis and friend and Soul of *PosESioN* Wicca Merlin, you can get them at the Gachas Carnival Event in different colours, just costs 50L. I hope you like and enjoy this fabulous event!!.