*PosESioN* at Kustom9 First Aniversary October Round

Hope Vendor Halloween Vendor Keep Me Couple Pose AD

To celebrate this event We have done 2 new sets of poses and 1 couple pose very low Price! ONLy 9L!

Start 15th of October till 10th November

Halloween Set 10 Poses 199L

Hope Set 10 Poses 199L

at Kustom9


*PosESioN* has Moved!!

PosESioN Moved


Hello Dears, we are moved to another place!
And we have Good News for you!
New Gifts for you! and now we have Gift Cards and Credit Store 10% and Group Members 20%, also for all members who wear *PosESioN* tag will get 10% off on each single poses!!

NEW LM: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lima/205/137/2201

*PosESioN* News at Kustom9

Men Confort Couple Pose AD Divinity Couple Pose AD Cool Sit Vendor Dark SeaVendor Deadly Vendor Sweet Bride Vendor


You can find all those Sets at Kustom9 until 14th January


*PosESioN* Sweet Bride Set 11 Poses 199L

*PosESioN* Deadly 12 Poses 199L

*PosESioN* Cool Sit 11 Poses 199L

*PosESioN* Dark sea 10 Poses 199L

*PosESioN* Men Confort Couple Pose 99L

*PosESioN* Divinity Couple Pose 99L


12 days Gifts at Crazy Connection!!!

@Crazy Connection 12 Days Prizes


12 days gifts starting 26th December, you can pick a dayly gift, is random!! so don’t miss any day!!

Link: Here

*PosESioN* 1st Aniversary whole store 50% OFF Gift and news Limited Edition!!

PosESioN First Aniversary 50% Off!!! Revolution GuyVendor Insect AD The Real Love Couple Pose AD Lady Vendor

Family Chic Vendor


All hese new sets are Limited Edition!! 50 Ítems availables

Lady Set  & Revolution Guy, 200L each

The real Love & Insect Set 75L Each

Family Chic Free!!!!


Hollywood Event

Minimalist Vendor Simple Woman Vendor OMG Osea Couple Pose AD

For this event i have done two sets of poses and a couple pose inpired in the most popular people in rl, i hope you like it

Minimalist Set: 11 Poses

Simple Woman: 10 Poses


Hollywood Event