12 days Gifts at Crazy Connection!!!

@Crazy Connection 12 Days Prizes


12 days gifts starting 26th December, you can pick a dayly gift, is random!! so don’t miss any day!!

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*PosESioN* News!!!

Diosaharu Vendor June Gift Female Vendor June Gift Male Vendor War Vendor

Calm AD


*PosESioN* Diosaharu Set (12 Poses)

*PosESioN* War Set (10 Poses)

*PosESioN* June Gift MaleSet

*PosESioN* June Gift FemaleSet

*PosESioN* [JewelrY] Calm Set Gift

*PosESioN* 1st Aniversary whole store 50% OFF Gift and news Limited Edition!!

PosESioN First Aniversary 50% Off!!! Revolution GuyVendor Insect AD The Real Love Couple Pose AD Lady Vendor

Family Chic Vendor


All hese new sets are Limited Edition!! 50 Ítems availables

Lady Set  & Revolution Guy, 200L each

The real Love & Insect Set 75L Each

Family Chic Free!!!!