*PosESioN* News at Kustom9 November Round

New Default Vendor

*PosESioN*  New Default Set: 13 Poses 199L only at Kustom 9 (Special for Pencil skirt)

Statue Vendor

*PosESioN*  Statue Set: 10 Poses 199L only at Kustom 9

Lunae Horns AD

Gachas 75L per play Lunae Horns at Kustom 9 by*PosESioN*


*PosESioN* at Kustom9 First Aniversary October Round

Hope Vendor Halloween Vendor Keep Me Couple Pose AD

To celebrate this event We have done 2 new sets of poses and 1 couple pose very low Price! ONLy 9L!

Start 15th of October till 10th November

Halloween Set 10 Poses 199L

Hope Set 10 Poses 199L

at Kustom9