*PosESioN* News at Chinesse New Year Festival!!!

Geisha Vendor Tokyo Vendor

Each set count  with 10 Poses

LM:  CNY Fest


*PosESioN* News at Kustom9

Men Confort Couple Pose AD Divinity Couple Pose AD Cool Sit Vendor Dark SeaVendor Deadly Vendor Sweet Bride Vendor


You can find all those Sets at Kustom9 until 14th January


*PosESioN* Sweet Bride Set 11 Poses 199L

*PosESioN* Deadly 12 Poses 199L

*PosESioN* Cool Sit 11 Poses 199L

*PosESioN* Dark sea 10 Poses 199L

*PosESioN* Men Confort Couple Pose 99L

*PosESioN* Divinity Couple Pose 99L


12 days Gifts at Crazy Connection!!!

@Crazy Connection 12 Days Prizes


12 days gifts starting 26th December, you can pick a dayly gift, is random!! so don’t miss any day!!

Link: Here

*PosESioN* Miss Virtual World Poses

Hello Dears Here you have 3 New sets I made for Miss♛ Virtual World, for Miss Puerto Rico Precise Frimon & Miss♛ Canada DreamLove, Hope you like them!!!

Dream Love Vendor Kimera Vendor Lucretia Vendor


Taxi: *PosESioN*

News Miss Virtual World Poses

Here you have some Sets i made for some of MVW finamists


Geometric AD Lucero AD Reina Mora AD


LM Here: *PosESioN*

Mermaid poses

In 2014 I will open a lovely section where i will make mermaids poses and Fantasy poses, i really hope you enjoy this like i do 😀

Siren AD The Mermaid AD


LM Here: *PosESioN*