*PosESioN* Opening Offer 2014 II Part

Another amazing and fabulous Offer! and this time is NOT LIMITED
now you can get the whole packs of the old poses, soo cheap

*PosESioN* Special Offer I ————–  380 Poses= 1500L
*PosESioN* Special Offer II ————–  126 Poses = 500L

And you can get them single by 40L each,  and wearing your *PosESioN* Tag you will get 20% of Credit store!


LM: Here

PosESioN Special Pack I PosESioN Special Pack II




*PosESioN* has Moved!!

PosESioN Moved


Hello Dears, we are moved to another place!
And we have Good News for you!
New Gifts for you! and now we have Gift Cards and Credit Store 10% and Group Members 20%, also for all members who wear *PosESioN* tag will get 10% off on each single poses!!

NEW LM: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lima/205/137/2201